Selling GF Plus, Seattle (hardly used)

Haven’t used it a ton and can’t warrant keeping it for how little I find myself using it, at least for right now. It’s in great shape and I have 8 sheets of unused draftboard I can throw in as well.

I think it’ll be best for pickup since I don’t have the shipping boxes anymore. Asking 3500.

updated to 3500

So obviously you should charge what you feel is fair, but I want to point out that realistically it may be hard for people to justify buying a used machine with no shipping box ($250 right there), and potentially no warranty for less than $200 off the cost of a new machine (which will also come with a stack of proofgrade). Can’t hurt to ask, of course, but if you’re serious about selling it, I’d rethink that price.

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I can provide proof of warranty and there’s also another 375 in taxes that I’m not asking for as well. If someone wants to make an offer I’m open to it.

This post made me wonder how much these things actually are these days and I’m wondering whats up with the marketing shenanigans they are pulling advertising a Pro as discounted from $16,000.

What are you talking about?

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I agree with Jules; what??

It’s the crossed off look at your saving marketing/sticker price:

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This wasn’t this way a few months ago.

Oh man, they need to fix that…should be $116,000. Good catch! :rofl:


Agreed, at least no one would mistake that for an actual MSRP :joy:

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