Selling Glowforge Air Filter and New Filter Cartridge - Bellevue WA

I am selling the Glowforge Air Filter which has only been used approx. 10 times as well as a brand new Air Filter Cartridge. Price for both $500 + Shipping…Can either pick up in person or will ship.

Still available.? Any idea on shipping cost to Ohio? At almost 50% off = shipping, still cheaper than new

Yes it is still available. I don’t know shipping costs but would guess $50-$75. I am in Bellevue WA if you want to get an estimate and would guess package not more than 25 lbs. What part of Ohio as I grew up in the Akron area? :blush:

Heart of Amishland … Millersburg. And to think I moved here from Orlando, and before that Seattle.

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