Selling glowforge Fort Lauderdale, FL area - $2,000 non-negotiable

Unfortunately, we are selling our Basic GF since we had a baby and space is a lot limited. We live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The GF is in great condition!! If interested or know of anyone interested, please message me.

Thanks a lot!


As the forum is public you might not want your email out there - you can ask people to message you and the forum to email you when you have a message :slight_smile:

Also, edit the title to include your location, and listing a price can help.

Good luck and I’m sorry you’re leaving the :glowforge: world!


I’m definitely interested! Can you please send me a PM with more info (pics, year of purchase, any repair history, etc). I’m willing to drive down to pick it up.

Yeah… what she said. @spacecoastlaserworks, you probably want to remove your email address and just send a private message.

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