Selling Glowforge Plus in Sacramento

Hi everyone! I’m selling my Glowforge Plus, along with a bunch of materials for $3,750, but will sell to any of you for $3,500. I purchased it back in December, 2018, and it’s sat around more than it’s been used. I have a new job and plan to travel out east, but I don’t care to take the Glowforge on my journey. If interested, send me a message. Thanks and have a great day!

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FYI - this forum is public so you probably want to delete your email address or it’ll get scraped and spammed - anyone on the forum can contact you via messages.

Sorry to see you go, you made some great things!

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Thanks @deirdrebeth! I don’t think I’ll be gone long, as I’m thinking to get a PRO once I’m settled into my new location. Hopefully I’ll be back. :crossed_fingers:


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