Selling Glowforge Pro - Columbia, SC area

Purchased my GF Pro in March 2020. Located in Columbia, SC. Includes 6" inline duct fan moving 390cfm which is 80% quieter than internal fans and I simply vent to a window. Also have various materials including, wood, plastics, etc., that I am happy to include. In very nice condition. Prefer pick up but am happy to deliver to Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC, or Atlanta, GA areas if helpful. Have the original shipping box too. Price $3000 obo.

I have to ask my husband but if he says yes,i’ll take it.

I will certainly be hoping he says yes! Please feel free to email me directly with any questions or so we can arrange a phone call. My email is

Hey Bob i live in the Columbia I would like to buy some of your materials

Hi……I am planning on including them with the sale of my GF as a little bonus. But thanks for the offer!

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Said your email didnt look valid,so posting this,too. one more day? my GF has just quit- no laser beam.

Email problem might be because the period at the end of the sentence became part of the link?


I think that is because I used an old email address for the GF account and my new email when I messaged you. Both are good. Feel free to give me a call anytime!


Since this is a public forum, you might want to remove your phone number to avoid unwanted phone calls. Anyone who wishes to contact you can send a message to you via your profile.


Oops…thank you!


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