Selling Glowforge Pro in Texas

Hello! I am selling my Glowforge Pro. Purchased in October 2021. Still under warranty. Works great. I have the original box and packaging. I just don’t have time for it. I am asking $4000 obo plus shipping. Located in Corpus Christi. Pick up is an option.

Would be a great idea to include more information about location and whether pick up is available instead of shipping, etc.


Takes longer to drive across TX than it does to get there from ATL. Been there, done that. :rofl:


Ya…I know… It’s as they say…huge. Could be though that the seller and the potential buyer live a little closer together than that. :smile:

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Sorry. In Corpus Christi. Yes pick up is available.

If they were in Beaumont and the buyer in El Paso, Atlanta or even Nashville might be closer :laughing:

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Corpus Christi. Pick up is available.

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