Selling Glowforge Pro with Compact Air Filter (Bluffton, SC)

Looking to sell my Glowforge Pro with Compact Air Filter only used a handful of times total use under 10 hours on laser and filter. Only owned it a few months, I just don’t have the time to do any work with it. I am located in Bluffton, SC. It will have the original packaging/box.

How much are you asking?

$6000 for Glowforge Pro with the Compact Air Filter accepting reasonable offers

So it’s essentially like getting the filter for free, since a new undiscounted pro is $5995. Good luck!


Correct, it has barely been used and is in excellent condition. Yes, it is like getting the $995 filter for free. I appreciate your interest if you would like to make an offer in the future please let me know. Have a wonderful day.

I think the question on the price was because you’ll likely get more interest in your sale if you post the price outright… But do consider, it is a used unit, even though it’s hardly used… but I do wish you luck & trust it makes a new owner in your area happy!


Yeah I was just trying to help get your post some more traction. Hate to see you go, but hope you find a buyer.

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What area are you in?

The going rate seems to be about $1000 off on the forum. I know you want to make money back on the filter however it would likely move faster without bundling it in the cost. Most people here are much happier venting out their window.


Bluffton, SC my glow forge is in my store in Tanger 2 outlets near Hilton Head.

Thank You.

I do understand and I am open to offers as well.

Not to hijack the thread, but my family lives in Bluffton and I’d headed there next week from Wisconsin. Hopefully the weather is nice and warm! Good luck selling your :glowforge:!

yes @agraves I was going to ask you if you were wanting to split the two up. I am looking into getting an air filter because I want my machine to come home with me. Come snuggle up with me. And live happily ever after. All of my fancy schmancy neighbors would probably be cussing under their breath at me and I would no longer be able t bug them for sugar… So if you are interested in splitting the two, let me know.

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