Selling "kits" of cut parts to public

Hey all, I’m making Glowforge file dice towers for a local comic book shop. Is it possible to create “kits” of the masked parts and include the instructions to build, or is that not allowed? Currently I’ve assembled them myself, and too much time is spent removing tape (and Gorilla tape kills my fingers, haha) I appreciate the advice on the rules! Thank you!

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If you purchased a commercial license to the design, then you can sell constructed kits or just cut parts.


A note on weeding:
The key fact is that the masking sticky side will stick to itself far stronger that it will stick to anything else, even if the connection is less than a square millimeter.

This also includes the wood material. A secondary fact is that a very tiny pull will still pull the masking from the wood however slowly. Therefore, even if the masking is a quarter millimeter wide and will break if pulled too hard, it can be pulled below its breaking point and eventually pull cleanly away.

This means that even if hard to get started, if the tiniest bit can be pulled free and facing up, another piece of masking sticky side down will not grab anything hard except that tiny bit of flipped masking and it will grab that very well. If the piece is engraved with lots of tiny islands the sticky side down masking will pull the edge of that island just enough to grab the whole piece and remove it. If the piece is pierced as with the usual lamps the entire masking could be pulled as one piece if one is careful and patient enough. I do that with the less challenging pieces all the time by just keeping up a very slight and steady pull.


Added info here: purchasing file A allowed me reproduce and sell it, but it states that I’m not allowed to sell the file, obviously, or give out the instructions for building it. That left me having to build it completely, so selling a kit that is cut and masked was out of the question as I saw it. File B was a Glowforge file. I was wondering if the same rules apply here? Could I give out the directions for building it, therefore a cut and masked kit could be created and sold that way?
I admit this is my first run at making something for a business, and the labor involved is these particular dice towers may not worth it. The time to de-mask all those bricks and rocks adds up. Or I could get better at it, haha!


That’s not logical, but this company isn’t known for making logical decisions.

It would cost far more to ship an assembled product than a flat pack of cut parts.


Yes, thank you! :grin: I thought that was an odd “rule”.

Sorry, I just saw this. Glowforge files come with full commercial rights on physical products. One of the files I submitted was even meant to be a flat-pack kit. I’d say with the Glowforge file, go ahead and sell it as a kit with the instructions printed. Only speaking for myself, but if you were cutting and selling more kits than finished projects, I’d be happy as a designer, because that would mean I’d be earning more too. You can’t download the file anyways, you’d only be selling physical products, whether they are finished or not. The instructions might be the only gray area…print a physical copy to include with the kit. :rofl: :sweat_smile:


I agree with CMadok. Just do it!


Thank you, love the advice!

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