Selling my GlowForge - Washington State

I purchased the glow forge as an original backer when I saw the etching of the MACBOOK and thought wow, that’s really cool. Since I’ve received the unit, I think I’ve printed on it once or twice. This isn’t really my cup of tea. I want to sell it but I don’t have the original box that it came with so selling locally may be my best option. Is there a classified section on Glow forge?

You’re looking at it. :slight_smile: Maybe edit your title to reflect the location?

You can also try posting in the FB group, which isn’t official, but has a lot of people who are thinking about buying.

keep in mind that not having the original box may lower the value some. it can’t be sent back for warranty repair without the box.


Ditto on that. We have purchased 2 pre owned units and not having ALL the original packing made it hard for us when we had to send ours in to get a new tube. We had all but 1 pc of the packing. Lucky for us a local person stepped up and let us borrow that piece from their packing to get it sent in. If we didnt have that it would have cost us an extra $250 to get the whole packing kit. You will need to figure that and adjust into your asking price.

Is it a basic or ? and did you order the filter?


I’m interested

Thank you for all the great feedback. I’m in Washington State so selling locally would be ideal. What would be a fair asking price?

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