Selling my lightly used Glowforge Pro (North Texas)

Hello, I am selling my lightly used Glowforge Pro ( I have only used it a handful of times). I love this machine I just found I really do not have the time needed to put into. I still have some of the proof grade materials that came with it and they are yours too. I do have all of the original packing for this so if it needs to be shipped it will be packed just like I received it. I would prefer a local pick up or even a meeting if it was close enough (I’m in North Texas), we can work out the particulars if you are interested. I would like $5000 (or reasonable offer)for it as it is practically new, Thank you, let me know if you have any questions.

I added your location to the title so it catches folks’ eyes. Good luck finding a buyer - when you do, add them as a user and then contact support to get the machine transferred into their name.

Thank you very much for your help.

@judywhip86 - just a heads up, ONCE a box is open the price is cut in half, as soon as your new car hits the street its value has dropped $10,000 - don’t be angry when you see offers reflecting that, I am sorry to tell this to you, but its a hard reality.



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