Selling SVGs?

Hi! I am really considering selling a lot of the SVG’s of my laser files in the near future, and want to know people’s experiences with it? How well do sales go? Do people want things formatted to fit certain pieces of wood ( like 8x12 wood sheets and split the file)
Idk I really like making laser stuff but I feel like at this point I’m better at being a designer than just manufacturing things, but I’ve never sold digital things before.


I think if you take a look at files on Etsy, you will see many are formatted to fit on a sheet of wood or acrylic that will fill the entire bed, i.e. 11.5 x 19 or thereabouts.

Generally they will tell you the thickness of the media it is designed to be cut from, if it is a 3D project.


.svgs definitely sell well - especially as you only design them once, but can sell them as many times as you want. Remember to charge differently if you’re selling a personal or commercial license, and be specific what kind you’re selling.

As far as items that are larger: lay them out in a way that makes sense to you, and make them ungroupable so your buyer can re-arrange to work for them.


Good point. It’s aggravating to edit them otherwise. I hate that.


Selling SVGs can be great “passive” income, but keep in mind that there are a lot of people buying SVGs with different lasers or for use with other cutting machines/purposes. You should be prepared to deal with all of them as well as people who just don’t know how to work with a digital file.

I’m sure there are FB groups for this purpose and they may be a good place for you to browse and lean best practices. I also know that people regularly buy digital files thinking they will get an actual object.


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