Send call ticket, pick it up you can have it back

I have never been able to make a good cut, the machine was damaged in shipment. None of the endless emails have addressed the issues and every new email has a new person responding who doesn’t read previous emails and has no concept of what has been done previously. I paid $7000 for a machine that doesn’t work and customer service that is horrible. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Send a call ticket to pick it up. I have spent over 30 hours now trying to get it to work and about another 5 on emails that are obviously not being read.

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Have you included photos of the box showing the damage? Angry rants tend to make anyone reluctant to respond. That would make one want to let someone else respond.

A more specific set of details might even make it possible to get help, and that includes previous contacts and questions with those answers. If you keep starting new tickets. nobody will be able to go back to put yhem all together.

Hope you get to follow through with it. There are plenty of other lasercutters on the market. Good luck on your new search.

They will arrange a pickup/return for you via email (for your protection) since it will deal with your personal information.

Please read the Terms of Service that you signed, to be aware of potential restocking fees that you may be charged, so it doesn’t catch you by surprise. You might change your mind about keeping it.

I have send endless emails and photos. If you looked you would see. The angery rants are because I spent $7000 and have only dealt with people like you who don’t even check to see what is going on.

It would be cheaper than having a useless machine that doesn’t work.

Forum members don’t have access to any emails you may have sent to support…I’m not sure why you would think we do.


Profound apologies. I was under the impression that it was the customer non-service. responding.

Their messages will have yellow backgrounds, and it says “staff” next to their names. The rest of us are just trying to help out in the meantime.

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I am not on the dashboard, only email. I appreciate your assistance, it is truly kind. Of the 3 times I have been able to connect, on the first day of setup, this is how it works. It only cut on the middle portion of the left side, not the top and not the right. Ever since this, I have not been able to connect. Obviously, since I did it I know how. The machine is damaged. All I am getting from customer non-service is instructions of how to connect. I am unbelievably frustrated with repeat emails with no assistance of addressing the problem. I have spent almost 40 hours so far trying to get it to work.

This almost always is a wifi issue. They can tell that from your logs, though; is that what they’ve had you working on?

If so: It doesn’t matter how solid your Internet connection is, or how fast. It’s all about the wifi inside your house. Glowforges are notoriously picky about their wifi connections, and very much don’t like sharing them with other gadgets. What has worked for me (and I have super crummy Internet), and several others I know of, is creating a 2.4GHz connection as your “guest” wifi and then using that one exclusively for the GF.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.