Sending Prints from Work to Home - Taking a lot longer time to Render

So due to the heatwave, I can’t cut anything during the day before 9ish and after 8ish. I have a day job :frowning: I usually cut on the weekends when I have time I’m trying to make LED lamp plate for a birthday party and I was supposed to get them all done already. Each one takes 20 to 30 to print. I finish 1, maybe 2 and then the Glowforge over heats and wants to cool. It won’t work until the heat dies down at night but it’s pretty late. It’s too loud for me to run it after 8:30PM for the neighbours. I only need to make 6 plates. I only got 3 done all darn weekend.

I can’t cut in the morning, too busy getting ready for work and too early at 7AM anyway for the neighbours. Then I realized I can send prints from work and my husband can press the button as he’s sometimes home before 10AM and he can watch it. I just need to stick the material in there for him. I even laid it out on the GFUI. He just has to press the button and watch the machine. He doesn’t know how to check settings and I wouldn’t want to talk it through over the phone. I tried to send a print from work and it’s been “rendering” for more the 15 minutes. At home, it’d take less then a minute. It’s not a complicated design

Anyone sent prints elsewhere then home before? How long does it supposed to take?

i did it once when i did a demo for my coworkers of the interface. it didn’t seem like it was much if any longer than usual. but this was back in december, when there were a lot less GFs in the wild.

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It should be the same. You might want to check to see if you’re logged in at home too. Sometimes multiple logins cause issues.

I’ve used it a bit but I think @mspricethelibrarian does it fairly frequently with her family - might not be work but they’re remote to the machine.


All things equal it should be the same. As in, the Glowforge doesn’t care if you are on the same network that the Glowforge is connected to, or on a completely separate network. The process is the same: your computer uploads to GF servers and the GF downloads from GF servers.

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I know my husband didn’t log in. I am at work and he is at home. If it takes that much longer maybe it’s a problem and support issue?

Yes. If it works but just slowly it’s not likely your work is blocking the GF response page access so it would be a P&S issue. If it never gets past the rendering screen at work but does at home then it may be an issue with how your work network is configured.

I’ve uploaded prints while I was away as a demonstration, but not actually had anyone push the print button. The upload time was about the same if I remember right.

If I’m imagining your process correctly, you’re signing into your account from another source, looking at your designs, “opening” them, not reuploading from your device, and that’s where your problem lies? In the rendering stage after opening the design?

Like @jamesdhatch said, I’ve noticed that multiple logins have given me some bumps, such as already being logged into my desktop, but pulling it up on my ipad/phone. If I were you, before leaving for work or the day, leave the machine off (this will help with keeping the machine cool for longer), make sure your primary computer you would normally use for the laser is logged out of your account, and the browser closed; not to say you don’t or haven’t tried these things. Then call/text your husband when you’re ready, as helpless as we husbands are, I’m sure he can turn the switch on, and then have him wait for the button to glow to press. You could even walk him through the basic startup process while you’re both home (letting the laser calibrate etc.).

That last part is under the assumption you don’t run into another rendering situation. My last suggestion would be checking your internet connection. Are you using wifi, or using wireless data? If I’m at work and attempt to sign into my account I will get an error dialogue, so maybe there are some sort of filters that may be on the network you’re using.

Oh I had husband turn it on just before I tried to send the print. It’s as cool as it’s going to be at 9am


Its probabaly a work thing. I was trying to do it through my work computer. I’m going to try on my phone via data next time to see if it was probabaly the firewall concern. However I see my designs. It’s when I opening it when it stalls on render

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We do! We all live within a two mile radius and have sent jobs back and forth to each other’s machines from time to time. (Comes in handy when my machine is in a cool basement…Dad’s machine is in his shop and doesn’t like our hot summers.)

I’ve never noticed it taking longer than it would have to send it to our own machines…it seems to be identical as far as rendering time.

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Thank you everyone! The issue is I cannot use my work computer to send prints to the Glowforge which is what I was trying to do. It’s a security thing since I work for a ITAR and CCDG certified company. (duh) that should have been obvious. Not an IT and security officer here but I should have known better.

I opened it up on my phone (on data) and tried at my friends house on a tablet and the print rendered very quickly. I just need another opportunity for my husband to be home during a heatwave while I’m at work to actually print something :slight_smile: