SensiCut: Automatically identifying materials for laser cutting

it’s designed for a universal, but this is pretty cool.


Definitely useful!

Oh that’s fabulous! Hey @dan:slight_smile:

Of course, having spent the last few years on this forum that 98% accuracy guarantees people screaming “this is trash, it doesn’t work at all” :-/


This was quite clever, but the multi-material scan+adjust was especially nifty.


“this is trash, it doesn’t work at all”


there I said it! NOW I want one!!!


@evansd2 type research on it

I mean if I’m reading (skimming) this right it sounds like it’s got promise, almost like spectrography and using diffraction patterns to identify structures.

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I’m super curious about what they’ve done to alter the interface. I know that they (and others like Epilog and Trotec) are very hesitant in working with any third parties, as far as allowing them into the software, how it communicates with the boards, etc. Lightburn and those guys haven’t been able to crack it, so far as I know it. Maybe as an institution, ULS is working with them, or something else…


Seems like that would be ideal for a makerspace. Very cool!

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Wow, this would be great!!

Now if it could Identify wood by species, that would be very cool!

if they could make this a stand alone… – a companion tool for your workshop
that would be cool!

That is quite neat. A handheld version with a label printer would be good too.

I got the “it just works” vibe from it that I got from GF before it launched.

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Wow that’s a great invention.

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