Separate cut / score / etch paths on same artwork



I wasn’t able to find a specific discussion on this. I just want to be able to cut and score and etch without having to line up separate artwork each time. Doing this, I’ve gotten imperfect results.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, you can create a file that will let you do that, all in the same operation. :relaxed:


Yeah, just color code your operations and assign in the gfui.


My Glowforge vent quick connect that I put together demonstrates all these operations with one file. It’s all color coded. You only have to upload one file. It really is very simple.


I usually create my designs in adobe illustrator. Do I color the lines in illustrator before converting it? Or is there a way to color code within the glowforge app?


Use specific colors for the objects in AI. Export as SVG unless they have native AI processing ready by shipping.


I figured it out! Wonderfully simple. Thanks guys!

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