Separate objects in file

if you have a file laid out whose objects don’t fit into the work area, how do you break apart the objects in a pdf or svg so you can edit them?

If they don’t select separately in the Glowforge UI, then you’ll need a editor: for example, Inkscape or Illustrator. In Inkscape, you can separate group items by choosing “ungroup”. If it’s all one path, you can use “Path->Break Apart”. You can move them around in that editor to get them to fit your 19"x11" (a little less actually) space. Or smaller yet if we’re talking about engraving. To make them come into the Glowforge UI (GFUI) as separate operations that can have separate settings, set the stroke color for each to be different.



Thanks for the answer @markwal, that’s right. @jeff.hunt, if you’re still having trouble with this I expect you could find a helpful tutorial in the Tips and Tricks area specific to the design software of your choice.