Separating section of a file in Glowforge

cannot separate section in a file when uploaded to Glowforge, can separate in Inkscape but not in Glowforge

If you can move the items further apart in Inkscape, that is a quick solution. Also, is the ungroup command not working in the interface?

I have separated and saved ea section individually (Saved as) and when uploaded to Glowforge it still uploads as grouped and I cannot separate, I have purchased 2 other files from this seller and they worked perfectly. they have been trying to fix the problem but still same results every time

I sometimes upload parts of a file separately using Inkscape layer visibility. When you save an SVG only the visible paths will be uploaded.

  1. Open an empty design
  2. Upload the SVG with the first paths visible
  3. Change visibility in Inkscape and re-save
  4. Go to step 2

Reading your last reply again it appears you’ve already tried a variation of this… Hmm.

I took the file to Inkscape, separated and this time moved ea section offline of ea other and saved and it worked. Thank you, for responding to my question.

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thank you for your input, separating and moving off line of ea other seems to have done the trick Glowforge liked it

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