Separating SVG steps

Music box 3
I am working on this music box, and I was finally able to export it correctly, where I have the cut and score option. Now the problem is GF only recognizes it as 2 steps. I would like the top and bottom panels to be engraved, and the side panels to be cut. I am currently using inkscape, but I also have access to illustator. Thanks for the help.


this one is easy once you know the answer. Anything you want to be a separate operation make it its own color. That is it.


really, that simple? I’ll take it


We could work up 25 steps to get there if that helps? :smile:

that makes a whole lot more sense now, when I get the too many color message.

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You probably know it by now, but the too many color message is just a warning that the project has a lot of settings steps. Sometimes we intended that, sometimes it was just an accident. The message doesn’t impact anything. Just ignore it if that’s what you wanted.


Beyond the color thing, make sure you re-order the steps appropriately.

In general, engrave and score first, then cut. For cuts, do the detail cuts in the center first before doing any whole part cut-outs.

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