September 11 2017 golden email

Has anyone who received their email on Sept 11 gotten their GF yet? I received my proofgrade materials weeks ago, and im now 4 weeks after the email was responded to. I am aware 6 weeks is the long end of the estimate, but that’s for delivery, and tracking has not been sent yet either. Just hoping to see what others who had the same email day have received or not received yet to get a better idea what to expect.


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Got my email 9/11/17- proofgrade arrived a week or so later, my pro should arrive 10/12/17 per UPS.


Please post pics and responses to your new addition :glowforge:!!

FWIW, I didn’t get my tracking email until right after the GF had been delivered.


Ok thanks. I guess thats good to know, but if that happens it wont get delivered since i live alone and ill be at work unless i can track it, lol

Sign up for UPS My Choice. It should give you at least one day’s notice of incoming packages.

Thanks :slight_smile: i have, but i thought i needed the tracking number for that to matter.

Nah. UPS My Choice lists upcoming shipments bound for your activated name and address whether you know their tracking numbers or not. My Choice alerts from the UPS app on my phone beat Glowforge emails by several days.

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Though don’t rely on the Android app. My proof grade showed up in the My choice app but the GF it’s self did not for some reason. When I’d log in online it showed up, but never showed in the app.

Has anyone’s GF shown up after the 6 week point? Just curious because most were turning up around the 2 to 3 week timeframe, and im almost to 5 weeks now, it should arrive no later than a week from monday, but i did hear there were delays again, so I’m not sure. I sound so impatient, I’m sure lol.

I think we had one hit at 6 weeks to the day, but can’t remember which one it was …it was a while back.

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I think that was the first pro @adrianf?

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Maybe so.

That’s right! I received the first Pro unit. They sent me the golden email the day that they promised to start “shipping” pro units. Within that email, they said that I would receive the pro unit within 6 weeks of receiving the email. Lo and behold, it was literally delivered to my home exactly 6 weeks after receiving the email lol

Thread I posted when I received the golden email:

Thread I posted when I finally received the pro unit (exactly 6 weeks later):


Ok cool. The 6 week mark is fine, i just hadn’t heard of it taking that long (or longer) so I had planned for it to arrive around 3 or 4. Oh well, 2 more weeks is fine, I’m just auper excited for it to arrive lol.

I also got my email on the 11th, and I have yet to get my Glowforge or hear anything since. Have you had any updates on your delivery yet?

If it was Sept 11 and you haven’t gotten the Proofgrade at least I’d send Support an email with a question because that usually goes out pretty quickly and usually seems to precede any subsequent email that indicates it’s on its way.

The GF itself also seems to show up without warning many times - either after you’ve already gotten it or after you’ve gotten the notice from UPS that it’s being delivered. But you’re still within the 6 week window and they were delayed in shipping for awhile due to the packing/shipping issue that Dan referred to in his Oct update.

If you haven’t signed up for My UPS you might want to. You’ll get notified when they’re planning to deliver as soon as it’s on the truck from Flex. That will give you a heads up with a few days warning.

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No, other than getting my proofgrade materials weeks ago, i haven’t seen or heard anything. I cant have it just “show up” since no one is home to sign for it unless i plan to be, so I’m worried about that. I have the UPS my choice thing but it’s unreliable at best. Plus, if i haven’t heard anything yet, and it should let me know a few days before, it looks like its probably going to be late if i don’t get a notification by tomorrow. :’(

I got my email yesterday telling me my glowforge is coming monday. Exactly six weeks from the original email.

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I got my email this morning saying next Wed… so a day or 2 past 6 weeks, but Wed works fine schedule wise to be home to sign for it, so i won’t complain. Lol