Serrated tabs

I have successfully added serrations to self made boxes but I am having problems doing so on generated boxes. Any hints?

Bring the generated design into your favorite editing software and do your thing.

I’m guessing you’re talking about a generated design from something like

Can try node control.
Add 3 dots -> o o o <- and use a guide (~) to judge how far to raise the middle one just a little.

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If I draw the box myself I can select the box and the serration and Path Object to path and then Union and it works fine.
On a computer generated box from that does not work.

I make a little serration shape and then use the boolean commands to add it to every tab. The generated box might need to have the lines joined for it to work?

Hmmmm - Boolean commands. I’ll have to look for those in Inkscape when I get back to the computer.

Under the Path tab. Union, exclusion, division, etc.

Well I’ve tried them all and nothing seems to work. Have you tried it with a computer generated box?

Not near my computer but if I remember correctly, the box extensions and objects that have been grouped give the operations grief. Others have probably tried recently.

Select the box, or whatever, and go to Group -> Ungroup. Do it a couple times, it won’t hurt anything and as Groups can be nested…

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes just selecting two or more objects with the Select and Transform pointer and then doing a Boolean operation won’t work. So I switch to the Edit Paths by Node pointer to select them and that will work. I’m sure there is a logical reason why when this happens, but I haven’t figured it out.

You can only do a difference on two objects, but you can union multiples. If you want to do a difference on a group of objects select the group of objects and do a Path->Combine. Now it will be one object and you can difference it. One note on this, the stroke color has to be the same to do a Combine (but not a Group.)

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