Server is acting up AGAIN

It was good today, it was a tad bit slower than normal but was able to do my projects. Tonight has been terrible, Been sitting at 10 minutes for it to process my job. Just to confirm the focus and scanning is instant like always, its just the processing. Looks like no incidents have been reported today…

A few others are having the issue as well. Apparently a employee at GF updates the status page, So until they are aware of the issue the page doesn’t get updated.

And now focusing is taking forever again…

Where did you get that idea?

Its been said multiple times that’s how it works. Just like the past 2 days, the server status said it was fine but everyone was having issues, the status page didnt update until GF support acknowledged the problem.

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Yes < I have been very aware of when the Machines are down. I have two of them so this provides me a little more insight .

The problem is that the UPDATES coming in our being repeated sometimes 2 or 3 times as they take us back to most likely an older update : By the time you post the update is complete and yet it has already messed up a bunch of people .

This is why the Glow Forge Page does not get updated , Updates are not the same as the Server Being Down .

I can tell by the Way the Machines start up when the Server is down and when they are doing the Updates.

Either way its so Frustrating for many not having a Clue as to what is happening.
This is why I post to save the Panic.

My post above was not directed towards you, I agree with you 100 on how the pages get updated etc

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We just had another Update : 12:30 pm and it took about 3 minutes for both my machines to kick back off centering. These updates are no fun.

Down for me too - well it would be since it is a cloud issue.

Cloud issues (contrary to what some are posting) are automatically detected and reported on the status page. Nothing’s showing for today.

Nothing’s showing but I think there is an issue. Always prepared to be proved wrong, but there are a lot of recent posts about not being able to work.

I don’t buy it. The past 2 days when everyone was having issues it took GF atleast 2 hours before the server status was updated to reflect a problem.

The engineer in me always insists on dividing “a lot” by 30,000 users, and then all of a sudden it’s not “a lot” anymore and I realize I need to troubleshoot my issue instead of jumping to conclusions. :wink: Coincidental issues are highly probable when you have that many users AND you’re dealing with things that happen frequently.

I believe they said those were software issues, which are NOT necessarily automatically detected. Network and cloud issues are, however.


The black banner when they identified an issue is created manually.

The list of all the cloud services is created automatically, and constantly updated.

The “outage” they had the other day never triggered any of the automatic service listings. It was a bug, not a server/app availability issue.

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That’s exactly what I’m getting at. Bugs that cause the service to fail are not the same as the cloud service dying - of course that is monitored.

It would not be hard to have a few automated processes that the equivalent of (a) upload a file (b) prep a scan © prep a print.

In fact I would hope they have those in place already for software quality control.

This is part of my trade: cloud services have layers of monitoring - the core server, the application itself, any databases. Then you check for any response at all - response within a reasonable time, a response that is very slow.

The point is that it doesn’t matter why our 'forges aren’t working. Don’t care what the cause is, we just want it fixed. On a sunday evening when things are broken I get worried that nobody knows or the right engineer isn’t around.

Because GF are quite opaque about this sort of thing it is sometimes hard to feel secure.

BTW @geek2nurse and @eflyguy how do you know they have automated processes? Has this been revealed somewhere?

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… and that would likely be of no help. I have done those things today, it’s working fine.

As best as I can tell, there are three or four people currently having issues. Based on last months’ print stats, owners were printing on average 30,000 times a day - likely much more on weekends.

If this was a widespread issue, there would be more reports - as there was the other day.

Because that’s how it’s done. If it’s part of your trade you already know that. Network apps have built-in functions for monitoring for outages, as I mentioned earlier.

I was in software development prior to 2002, and even way back then my Web apps had automated “bug” monitoring that sent me a message when a user encountered an unexpected error. And Glowforge is smarter than me, so I would suspect they have as much automated as is possible.

Because the status page used to show the last time it was refreshed. It would typically show every minute.

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That’s exactly what sqw was getting at, if it’s a software issue like mentioned above then the status page wouldn’t reflect it right away. So relying on just the status page is a mute point. If multiple people are having issues than something somewhere is going on.

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