Server issues with Dashboard? - Designs fly off grid and disappear

Has anyone else been having issues with their dashboard when creating or using designs? The lines on my designs appear broken when I open them, If I try to move or adjust them they then fly off the page and disappear completely. I can only get it back by using the undue/back option. I cannot use the design at all. I even tried creating a completely new design and when I try to adjust the measurements of my box, I have the same issue. I have closed everything out, restarted my computer, and opened Glowforge online again only to have the same issue. I have had it happen a few times in the past and waited a few days until it worked again but this is becoming an ongoing issue, it’s been happening for weeks now and I cannot work. Pictures of my screen attached. Please help, thank you!

Could you try a different browser and see what happens? Could you try using your phone instead of your computer and see what happens.


Thank you for the suggestions, it started working again so I cannot tell if it makes a difference to use a different browser but I will give it a try when it happens again, which is bound to happen! I’ve never even considered using my phone, it never occurred to me that I could even do so, lol. I also have issues with the fonts, favorites do not save or unsave and many of the fonts do not work at all. When I try a new font, it just changes to one same generic font, Do you think this could also be a browser issue?

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