Server Lagging

Is anyone else having issues with the glowforge app being extremely slow? Even after checking everything, rebooting, etc. nothing has seemed to work. It takes 5min for me to drag or click on a design inside the software. I pay extra every month for my stuff to be sent through quicker but not sure what I am paying for considering it lags like this at random times.

This is almost always a local issue. Clearing your cache or using a different browser may help. You can check the status of the Glowforge servers here:

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I think all computer stuff lags (I don’t like computers) but yes, I am having a lot of trouble. I’m using my iPad as I can’t sit at my desktop right now. I put in a print yesterday, and the iPad never did show it as ready to print although the magic button lit up, and when I pressed it the GF started to cut.

Oh, and I constantly get the error message that my file hasn’t downloaded and I need to go back to the dashboard and try again. But if I refresh the page the file usually shows up. Of course, if it doesn’t, I lose all my edits and have to try again.
Back to yesterday’s print - I wasn’t sure if it would print right, so I tried refreshing the page. Naturally, I lost all my edits on the iPad, though it looked like the GF was still printing them, but I wasn’t sure it would continue to do so, soI shut it down and pouted.
Then tried online chat for help- after waiting I was finally next and poof! My electricity (and of course, wi-fi) went out.

Well, I always use Chrome, because I think I heard/read Safari doesn’t work well. And as for clearing your cache - to me that’s going on a spending spree for Proofgrade materials!

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The entire motion plan is downloaded to the machine before the machine is ready to print. You could turn off the computer and the laser would still finish the job.

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Thank you. I figured that would probably be true about 30 seconds after I cancelled.

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Of course, life on Earth. I do my best proofreading right after I hit “Send”.


I can see that you’ve also reached out via email and that our support team has contacted you there. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.