Servers down?

did GF servers just go down? Ive been printing all morning and now I get “page unresponsive” on anything in

Also: it is loading for me.


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it’s working now, but “rendering your design” is now taking forever. Could my printer have suddenly developed a glitch?

more likely something on the internet between your GF’s wifi card and the GF servers is slow.

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It’s my first day using my GF and it has gone offline a few times… is that a me problem or server problem you think? I’m in my garage so maybe I need a wifi booster.

fwiw, you need a good signal for the GF to connect to. if you have a spotty connection out there with other devices, then GF is going to have issues. the GF seems to need a stronger connection than other devices do.


ok thx. I guess that’s the joy of being relegated to the basement garage lol.

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i’m up in the finished attic and used to have occasional issues, even with the router one floor down and about 12ft over. bought a mesh router system over the new years weekend and put one deco unit about 5 ft away upstairs and haven’t seen an issue since.


@davidsi I see that the community has provided some good advice on the next best steps. I’ll keep this thread open a little longer, and see if any of those steps helped. Let us know how it goes!

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Good. Opening.

Something still seems off, but I think it’s my GF. I turned it off, waited and then on again and it’s working. However some of the cuts did not go all the way thru and it’s started singing to me! That’s the best way I can describe the sound it makes.

I’m going to try again tonight


turned it on, same problem with not finding the head. Cleaned the lid lens again and it calibrated seemingly fine

thx folks

Thanks for updating us! We’re glad to hear you’re back up and printing without trouble. Should any additional questions or concerns arise, don’t hesitate to reach back out to us.