Set focus aiming about 1.5 inches to the right of where I ask it to. I get an error right after

The set focus feature is aiming 1- 1.5 inches to the right of where I set it. The head just doesn’t seem to be homes right. I did find a slightly cracked carriage wheel (laser head carriage) but I cant see this causing that kind of misalignment. Here’s shot of my cracked wheel.

I’ve shut down, restarted, cleaned all the optics.

May be caused by the wheel which is an issue for sure. Could also be caused by a loose belt but that usually effects the print as well not just its location. I woulden’t recommend it now until your wheels are replaced but have you run the camera calibrator before? Doing that should get you really close but there are other issues you will need to address before that. I would also inspect all the other wheels if you had one fail as there may be more than one.

Edit: nvm read your message incorrectly, i dont think the camera calibrator is related to your issue. the head will not be centered over the spot you select as the sensor that measures height is off to one side of the laser head.

Is it printing in the wrong place or just focusing in the wrong place?

There have been a lot of posts about broken wheels. I haven’t had personal experience, but it seems like Glowforge will send you a replacement.


focusing in the wrong place… it’s like the head thinks it’s 1.5 inches to the right. Even the test sheet printed ‘right’…

the sensor for the height is not in the center of the head. its off to one side about that same distance.

I understand that. But it shoots it beam 1.5 inches off from its target.

Ah sry for the confusion, trying to visualize what was going on heh

Thanks. Me too!

Running the camera recalibration now

Calibration complete… no improvements found… hmmm

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Any chance you could make a clip showing the problem?

Wow. I just took everything apart and did another deep clean. I had somehow flipped the belt (thnk figure 8) I couldn’t do that again if I tried. That inversion pushed the head “right”… Testing now… (sheepish grin)


So far no error… Still have a cracked wheel… so still need that…

Geesh … Most of the time I’m 90% of my problem


Its pretty easy to get a twist in that belt when putting it back on, nothing to stress over. Good you spotted the cracked wheel before it became a larger issue tho and never hurts to ask, we all are there at some point or another. Hope the rest of your day goes better :beers:


Hi @halgrenj, sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with your printer, but it sounds like you’ve managed to sort through some of the issues already, that’s great! I’ve sent you a follow up email to double check some information so we can get that wheel replaced.

I’m going to go ahead and close this topic as we’ll be finishing up via email.