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Hi to Everyone!
Hope you are all having a super day! I just got into my sign shop and wanted to make something in my Glowforge Pro. Ever since I got it, (a week ago), when I press the three dots in the GF program, the set focus and refresh bed image is greyed out and I can’t select either one! Is there a reason for this? I see on YouTube people using the Glowforge set focus all the time but I can’t! Please advise!
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Have you run the calibration tool yet?

yes I did. maybe I did it wrong?

Should I do it again?
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If you do not have a design in place inside the boundaries and material on the bed it may have trouble with set focus Also either have a PG material picked or have settings on. If you have done the calibration then everything should work. I am not sure you need all that set but it thinks it is missing something or set focus would not be grayed out.


Hi There!
Thank you so much! I didn’t have my design in the right place! All is great now! Thank you so much!
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