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So riddle me this. I’ve used my Glowforge the same way for the past 2 years and recently had to get a refurbished machine because my old laser tube died. I always before every cut use the more drop down to select set focus.

Recently when I do this I get an error every time saying “An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.” I can’t proceed with a cut because I can’t get past the “select material” function.

Support said the issue was with my print head and I had to buy a new one. HOWEVER. My print head still will autofocus, I just have to trick the SOFTWARE to get it to do so. To override the problem, I found I can go to “use uncertified material” and simply push enter and set the thickness to 0. “Select Material” immediately goes away and it says “Ready”. I can now proceed with my normal settings and it correctly autofocuses and cuts with this work around. HOW can this be an issue with the print head, if I’m able to get the print head to work by tricking the SOFTWARE?

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As a hail mary attempt to fix this yourself before buying another print head, perhaps trying running the print head setup software. It’s what you’d be running after replacing the print head, to calibrate and pair a new print head with the rest of the machine. Perhaps they failed to run it at the factory while refurbishing that machine for you.

The link is here: Glowforge - the 3D laser printer

You’ll need one sheet of clean, flat Proofgrade 1/8" plywood or draftboard to run it.


Conversely, just use a giant piece of cheap wood or cardboard that is and will stay absolutely flat of the appropriate thickness. Proofgrade will do the job but is a bit pricey to be a sacrificial board. Use an extra masking layer to make it reusable.


You can also re-mask a piece if you have it available.


Nice thought, I will try this, thank you!

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