Set Focus does not update lid image if used more than once (Fixed)

More of an FYI issue.

Set Focus for lid image dewarping works only once per print. If you are fine tuning a design placement on irregular material and wish to use Set Focus a second time for precise placement, the lid image is not updated. The lid needs to be opened and closed to be able to use Set Focus for a new lid image. Set Focus does however update the Focus everytime, assuming a manual focus value has not been entered. It is just the lid image that is not updated more than once.


I wonder if it’s a matter of the new set focus not being different enough for the image to need updating? Have you tried it with two materials of different heights in the bed at the same time, to verify?

Yes, tested that. The bed image is never updated on a 2nd use of Set Focus. Tried side by side materials that differed in height by 0.2".

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This sure looks like a bug to me. Good find.

I was so hopeful this would improve my post-calibration-yadda-yadda performance but I didn’t see a difference. Shoot.

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Thanks for bringing this up! I’ll let the team know it’d be appreciated if the bed image updated.

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