Set focus

When I try to use set focus, the head moves and takes a shot
but then I get an error that says:

An error occurred on you glowforge.

I restarted my browser and turned the glowforge off and back on
but still get the same message.
If I just let the machine do the auto focus before printing it seems to work fine.

Sometimes I’ve gotten that same message and did the same things you did. So I just clicked on the “x” in the right corner of the error box and went ahead and printed without any problem. So I’m not sure why the message still came up, but you might try just closing the error box and see if your project comes out okay for you.

I cleaned everything again and rebooted everything and now it hasn’t come back yet.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

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HI @davemeier11. I’m sorry to hear that you ran into some trouble as you were trying to use the Set Focus for prints. It sounds like the issue may have been resolved, however, I’ll go ahead and keep this thread open for another two days in case you encounter any trouble as you try to print. Feel free to let me know any dates and times of the print attempts if the issue comes back, and I’ll be happy to help. Thank you!

Everything is working fine

Hi David,

That’s great news! Thank you for following up to let us know. I’ll go ahead and close this ticket, but feel free to reach out if you run into any other trouble. We’ll be here and happy to help.

Kind regards,