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I’m taking my GF for the first time to a vendor fair. I just realized I need to figure out Wifi. I actually purchase WIFI for my Macbook…instead of relying on the market’s wifi. Will this allow my GF to work? When I buy the wifi, it’s only for the IP address for my mac…it’s been so long since I set up my GF that I can’t remember if it directly connects as well (I think it does). Can someone help me think through how to do this?

Generally most people setup a hotspot on their smartphones in those cases. You essentially use your mobile data that way. Is that an option? It’s really simple to do.

Once you setup the hot spot you go through the standard wifi reset process.


Everything you could ever need to know about wifi:

Particularly this section, #2:

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I think what they’re saying is that the venue they’re going to offers a paid WiFi connection, but it’s for one machine (presumably locked to the MAC address).

The answer to the question “does the Glowforge connect directly to the Internet or does it connect through my computer” is indeed that it connects directly, so having WiFi that only works for your laptop won’t help your Glowforge. Like evansd2 said, if you can set up your phone as a hotspot, you can get the Glowforge connected that way. I’d just caution you to be wary of data caps. Due to world events, I haven’t traveled for a while, and last time I relied on my phone a lot I got hit with several overage fees in $50 chunks.


No, your GF won’t be able to connect to what you bought for your Mac then. You can connect it to the venue wifi or your phone/other hotspot.

You can share your network on the Mac. In System Preferences you set the Internet connection to “share” and then connect the GF to the Mac which will then pass the traffic through to the facility’s Wifi. The facility’s wifi only “sees” the Mac, not the GF that’s piggybacking on the connection.

I know you can share ethernet to WiFi, but can you share WiFi to WiFi? That would require the Mac’s WiFi adapter to be able to connect to a network and create a second network at the same time.

You can’t share wifi to wifi.

Only wifi to wired ethernet or USB.

I can do it with Windows but haven’t done it personally with a Mac. My new one is coming next week though and I’ll test it (although I could try using my wife’s new Macbook Pro tomorrow if I can get her attention on it).

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