Set-up internet and focusing

Hi I just received my glowforge, setup seemed so easy UNTIL internet hook up. Glowforge will hook up but will not stay hooked up. I bought an extender hooked that up. That is not the problem. I have deleted my security cameras, nope that is not it. Also it gets suck on no internet connection or it spins and spins on focus. I would appreciate any help, I feel very defeated and glowforge has terrible customer service for a newbie.

Customer Service cannot be of much help to your individual internet issues. As it is very picky about a smooth service (of necessity) all sorts of issues can mess it up. It stays in the lesser used 2.4 mhz so other equipment working is not a clue to how the GF will act. Things as weird as a neighbor’s microwave have been discovered as an issue. You might contact your internet provider to help step through the issues.


I know this is not what you want to hear, but it’s probably the wifi. Like @rbtdanforth said, it can be picky. Unfairly so. It might just not get along with the brand of router you have.

I tried to use a wifi extender to help a friend get a better connection (not for a Glowforge, but for phones and laptops) at the far end of their house… I only have that one data point, but it was a “caused as many problems as it solved” situation. I don’t trust those things.

Of course, it’s possible that your Glowforge is broken, maybe the antenna came loose in shipping or something. Unfortunately that’s not something you can diagnose or fix yourself, so continuing to work with customer support is probably the best bet.


Thank you for your help. I believe you guys are right. There is a problem with the line per internet provider. Fingers crossed.

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Mine is doing the same exact thing.

The customer service is so frustrating. I am still looking for soloution.

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