Set Up Issues

Calibration and set up was a bit of a miss for me today. After selecting the glowforge wifi, and attempting to login to my personal wifi within that application - it kept reading device error. It asked me to restart - and I did, trying different passwords (even though I was pretty certain I’d already entered the appropriate password). The light was blue at this point, and the printer head in the center.

SO, I decided to restart my machine. It started to make noise, the printer head moved to the back and left, and the light turned white - yay - success.

HOWEVER, my browser was stuck on the page looking for the temporary glowforge WIFI, and not finding it (because it’s not there any more - i’m connected). I can’t move past that page, or move on with the set up. I"m pretty sure my glowforge is connected, but my browser doesn’t know it.

What should I do now? HOw do I print - I can’t see the bed, I don’t have any application that allows me to talk to the glowforge thats humming in my background. What should I do?

Try going to


Thanks for the help @palmercr

@lise I’m so sorry you had trouble getting set up.

I took a look at the logs for your Glowforge and I see you’ve connected and started printing!

I’m going to close this now – please post a new topic if you have any other questions.

What I ended up doing that worked is turning off the glowforge for a full minutes. Letting it start up, move around the print head until it was settled in the back to the left. Then I pushed down the “print button” on the glowforge for 10 seconds. It reset the calibration, and I was able to do it again. I was able to get through the whole thing easily at that point - I just needed to reset.