Settings for a Black oxide Coated Knife

I can’t seem to find the appropriate settings for engraving upon black oxide. I’ve seen photos of it successfully done but no settings discussed. Usually I would just do a little trial/error but cannot this time. Thanks in advance.

This might be helpful but there is always going to be trial and error if you’re not using proofgrade materials…no real way to get around that!

Thank you. I’m a member of the FB gun group and was looking there but no luck. I believe aluminum mags are coated with something other than black oxide. I’m going to give it a go tomorrow. If successful I’ll post my settings.

My opinion is that there’s no sense in doing anything less than full power since it’s not going to mark the metal itself. So then it comes down to speed. PERSONALLY… I’d probably just start slow for the same reason. 250 maybe. Not saying that’s what you should do… just what I’d probably do.