Settings for engraving glossy matte material?

Can anyone advise on the settings for engraving a glossy matte material like the box in the picture? I can’t determine a good comp or if it is worth the try. Thanks!
image image

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Hard telling from the picture. Where did you source it? Does it have a name? It could be a coated paper, and might be ok. It could be coated vinyl and not good at all to put in a laser.

Before you ask about settings, you need to get the material composition down.

Take some time to read this document on materials settings. it will give you a ballpark.


The link to the box site is below:

I did check the spreadsheet and still was a little stumped just because I did not see the specific name the website list.

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Paper should be good to go. One way to test without wasting too much material is do a portion of the design with the fastest speed and 270 lpi with 5% power. See how it works. Then you can repeat with higher power as needed. Unless you are doing a raster engrave with a gradient. Then that is a total different kettle of fish.

Look for chipboard settings for engraving.


Thank you!

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