Settings for Flexilase by Gravotech

I had the opportunity to work with “Flexilase” for a project at the office, and thought I would share the settings. This material engraves well, though not as cleanly as rigid 2-ply acrylic. It is slightly flexible so you can stick your item to a curved surface. (The adhesive seems very strong, but I only applied it to flat acrylic, which is no challenge.)

I would only do black & white designs, this material is not intended for engraving at variable depth.

It’s $14 for a 12" x 24" sheet, but unfortunately you’ll pay about that much in shipping, too.


Remove plastic masking
Speed 1000, power 20, LPI 675
Clean up with Novus #1

(LPI 675 seems high but short of that I got banding artifacts.)

Speed 500, power 80

(I like this stuff and wish I had a bunch of colors. Too bad there aren’t more vendors that serve the needs of small orders. If I could get 10 colors of this stuff shipped to me in a Priority Mail envelope, I’d totally bite.)


Pretty cool. Love all the different things people find!!

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Ooooo, I’d love to play with that stuff. I like that it’s really thin–I don’t have any acrylic in that thickness.

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Trotec also has some very very thin materials, but they have even worse order minimums. Inventables or Glowforge needs to start selling all these goodies! :slight_smile:


Seems like a good business op for someone with some storage space and a way to cut the larger sheets down…