Settings for Rowmark FlexiBrass?

I have a Basic Glowforge, and I need to dial in settings to engrave on Rowmark FlexiBrass.

Does anyone have experience with this and some good settings to try?

Specifically this one: Rowmark FlexiBrass® Trophy Gold/Black .020" Engraving Plastic

We can only discuss settings for non Proofgrade materials in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. I will move this post over there so the discussion can continue.


It seems to just be acrylic (Material: Impact Acrylic) but closer to the thickness of veneer. I’d start there, and test :slight_smile:

#6 will get you where you need to be!


I used a similar type of plastic and was astounded at how lightly I needed to go to get a good image. i think I used 6 power at a relatively high speed.

Experimentation is really the only way to dial that in. Good luck!


The “two layer” acrylic I’ve used was more like acrylic with good quality paint applied. It took very little power to “break thru” to the underlying material.

That said, unless someone else has experience with your particular material, just test as pointed out above.


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