Settings for scoring on bamboo cutting board

Looking for setting to score on a bamboo cutting board as engraving suggested time was 2 hours. Wanted to score the dear Santa tray image. Any suggestions on good score settings for that

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Engraving times are more like 3D printing times as they are much farther to travel. If you are using a raster image, that is the only possibility. The good news is that bamboo gets black very easily so high speeds are a possibility, the bad news is the same if you try to use variable power. If you use the dot dithering and a fairly low LPI and the higher speeds available you might lessen the time needed.

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There are literally dozens of threads on working with Bamboo. There is a search function at the top of every page.

As to engrave times, yes, it takes hours to engrave the full bed area. Time goes down as the print gets smaller.

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Just use one of the default PG scores.

Unless it is a raster image. In which case engrave is the only option. :slightly_frowning_face:

Well he did say “score” :woman_shrugging:

Sounds raster to me. And not everyone gets the differences or possibilities at first.