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I am new to this forum (but not to lasers). I have switched to the Glowforge so all my previous settings are useless. I make miniature dollhouse furniture kits and my standard material is 1/32", 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" basswood and cherry. I thought before I embarked on a whole series of experiments to get the best cut settings for these woods, that perhaps someone had already done the work and could share the best settings. Can anyone help an old lady out (I’m 72…)


There are Proofgrade settings for Basswood, Basswood Plywood, Cherry, and Cherry Plywood that you can use in 1/8 inch and veneer. You can select those materials from the “Unknown” button on the top left and that will give you some values to start with (you’re allowed to lie to the GF all you want about what material is in the bed, just get the thickness right). If you choose a Proofgrade cut there is an arrow to the right that will show you what the settings are.

Have fun and would love to see some of your furniture.


Welcome to the forum. Like @hansepe says, I would start with the Proofgrade settings, by selecting them manually. Then, adjust the speed up, or the power down from there after running some test cuts. What settings have you used on other lasers?


Thanks, I’m busy designing a little test cut pattern. I’ll let you know how it goes. This could be fun! Certainly much better than my cheap Chinese first laser! Tina


If you’re really curious about what I’m doing with this laser, you could check out my Etsy store under either the Laser-cutting tab or the Quarter-scale tab, at:

Cheers… Tina


Am I right in assuming that if the material type doesn’t change, the settings for the Proofgrade materials only change as the thickness changes? Any insights on this would be most appreciated. Tina

Can you clarify that? I haven’t had enough coffee today, so I’m not sure I understand your question.

Translate all your old settings with this Spreadsheet.

Awwwwww. Your items are really cute!


Great Etsy Site!!


Oh my goodness! Love your folding screens, planting bench, and staircase! Adorable items!

Nice to have you join the forum!

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Thanks so much… having way too much fun! Tina

Thanks so much! Tina

Love the minis! Welcome to the forum!

Thanks so much! I’m learning fast… I think this new machine will let me do some things I have only been dreaming about!