Settings “math”

Hey so experimented today a bit with some coated metal, finally found that 1000/100/340 worked when I did it twice. So to now do it in 1 shot do I want to cut the speed in half, 500? Or does it not work anywhere like that? It took almost an hour I’d really rather not run it for 2 hours for 2 passes.


Probably going to have better luck increasing the LPI. Higher LPI works best for complete cleanup on metal. (Still takes longer due to higher number of passes though.)


I’m going to move this over to Beyond the Manual for you, lest we rile up the FNLs (Glowforge’s Friendly Neighborhood Lawyers). :wink: That’s the only place they will (reluctantly) let us talk about non-PG settings!


It’s going to depend on the coating, there’s no way to predict other than to experiment.

Sometimes you get better results with lower speed and power, sometimes full power and higher speeds. There’s not even an “in general” recommendation, every material differs. It definitely doesn’t follow a 1+1=2 rule, however.

I for one try everything to avoid multiple passes - but my GF is a toy, so it’s a challenge for me to find settings I am happy with. If I was using it to make things for sale, I might have a different approach.


Lol thanks, still new to this


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