Settings Screen Problems

Within the last few days I’ve been having REALLY WEIRD setting screen issues. Whenever I try to adjust I just get a blank white box. I should be seeing the options to adjust my cut, score, engrave, etc… I have to keep clicking, and scrolling around. It’s wasting a lot of time. Anyone else having these issues?

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SAME ISSUE HERE… SO FRUSTRATING! Ready to dump this thing.

What browsers are you both using?

I’m also having this issue - and I’m wondering whether it might be connected to an iOS update. Did you both recently update the iOS?
I hope we get a fix. This is making some projects impossible for me! I can’t select what to ignore!

Yep - it’s Safari specific.
I tried Firefox and it’s working fine.

Whether it’s Safari specific or not, I think it’s a GF problem. I’ve always used Safari. Had no problems until my latest update. It’s like a GF patch update needs to happen to run with the new IOS.

Glowforge support is aware of this issue with the newest version of Safari. Until they come up with a fix, use a different browser.


I just saw that GF is aware.

I have been using Safari for nearly 3 years and have not had an issue.

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