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trying to laser on polastic tag and its not showing up what am I doing wrong

There’s no way to tell from the way you posted. Provide a lot more details and maybe someone can help.

What kind of plastic? (Some are not safe to laser.)

Like the hard plastic vehicle tags

Unfortunately I don’t know what those are made of. You really need to know the type of plastic that it is before you can decide whether it’s safe to laser or not. If it contains PVC (and many plastics do) it can cause corrosion and damage to the machine and to you if you don’t have it vented properly.

Sorry. Don’t know. You might have to get hold of the MSDS sheet for it to see what it consists of.
(There is also a good link to a list telling what is generally considered safe to laser here):

Also what is not showing up - the image in your GFUI - the laser light - the cut into the item itself - something else?

Cuz even if the plastic is dangerous and you shouldn’t be cutting it - doesn’t mean it won’t cut it!

  1. find out what type of plastic (a link to your source might mean we can help)
  2. give us more details on your problem (pictures/description/details)

Good luck!

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