Settlers' Carrying Case

I made a case to hold the settlers pieces I made for a friend. The goal was to make it cheap, but decentlooking. The inside is all 1/4" plywood, the top is two layers of Hardboard with the sunset cutout of the top layer and orange and red spray paint on the back layer, and the sides are 2x4 stained Walnut.

Everything was from Home Depot (except the hinges from Walmart) and the total cost was probably $7, because I already had the spray paint and stain.

I made it a little too deep because in my mind I was convinced there were 5 of each resource, and the number tiles are laid out on the top layer, because I completely forgot about them until I was cutting the final layer. But I like the effect.


Love the sunset … And the box is sooooo nice! Inside and out!

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Very well done! I think the case looks amazing!

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Excellent piece of work, and +1 for the sunset. I love the blend from orange down to red.
I must work that into a fan !
John :upside_down_face:

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Beautiful! My 8yo granddaughter and I just started learning to play Catan last night. She has proclaimed it “the best game ever,” so I guess we’re going to have to start on our own custom version now. :slight_smile:

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Gorgeous storage box! You really did a nice job on it.

Very pretty! I like the deep wells too. :grinning:

You totally should, it wasn’t cheap or quick, but the results are amazing. Definitely the prettiest thing to come out of my laser so far. I’m glad Glowforge talked the makers of the game into letting them release the design for free.

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