Setup can't get to calibration


On computer:

disconnect wired connection
set computer to airplane mode
select home wifi network on computer (NOT to glowforge. Just being cautious)

On iphone:

set to airplane mode
turn wifi on
select glowforge which will connect
open phone’s safari browser

ONCE I got to the EULA page, scrolled to bottom (no scroll bar), and tapped “I agree”

Never moved to second setup page. Glowforge never calibrated.

I tried using the computer instead of phone.
I tried turning it off and on again.
I tried unplugging, replugging again.

On computer I can get past the EULA, and do all setup steps, but Glowforge never calibrates.

I’ve been trying various combinations for over an hour.



I had the same problem. It seemed to be hitting the continue button at the right time was the issue. Try hitting continue before you switch to the GF network.


That did it!

Hit the Connect button BEFORE connecting to the Glowforge network.


Thanks for your help, @lairdknox!

I’m glad you are up and printing, @nospam. Please post a new topic or email us at if you run into anything else.