Setup guide


OK, all the months are waiting are over, the GF has arrived and I have a clear day to set it up. I opened the box and there is a single sheet of paper that says to open before doing anything else. I do so, but it starts with the phrase “Welcome, if you’ve followed the unboxing instructions in your setup guide…”

where is this setup guide? There was absolutely nothing in the box other than the GF and single sheet of paper. I don’t see anything online (but perhaps I didn’t look in the right place. I DID search)

I see 3 orange shipping hold-down tabs. I also see an unconnected ribbon cable and of course, there’s the head to install.

anybody have some suggestions?



It might be in the Manual. :grinning:


In the shipping email there is a link to the manual @Jules mentioned. Read it! Lots of good safety info and a complete setup guide. Have fun!


many thanks all!

There was a note on the shipping page that directed me to the manual. I think it’s a little hidden, but will admit that it is there.


WooHoo!!! Congrats!!! :sparkler::fireworks::tada::confetti_ball:


Fantastic! Have fun!


Congratulations on holding out, Now the adventure begins!


I’m glad you found the manual! Thank you for writing – this sort of feedback is really great. We want it to be easy to find the manual, so this helps us improve.