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Our computers were hacked a few months back and since then we have had our internet connected through an ethernet cord. We want the glowforge set up on our PC so that its easier to transfer art files. I have been trying to setup our glowforge for 3 days with no success. is it possible to connect the glowforge to a computer that is connected through ethernet and not wifi??

The initial setup has to be done from a computer connected to the same wifi network the glowforge uses. After that, you can use any internet connected computer to upload designs and print things. So you could use your cell phone as a hotspot for the initial configuration, then after that you should be good to go. (But the glowforge itself does require a wifi connection to the internet, no way around that)



There is no risk from a wifi connection using modern encryption (WPA2). You just need to choose a secure passphrase.

Is there anyway to have a tech login over the web and do this? We have not been able to do this successfully.

In the initial setup you need to connect a device to the Glowforge using the GF’s own network. Then you connect the Glowforge to your WiFi network. This may be a WiFi router or the WiFi hotspot on a mobile device. The device that connects to the GF for the initial setup can be a phone, a tablet, or a PC. As long as it has 2.4 GHz WiFi capability it will work. Once the GF is connected to your WiFi network, the setup device does not have to use the WiFi again and you will not use the GF network again unless you have to change the WiFi setup in the GF itself. I used my Android smartphone for the initial setup. There is a link to a good video here: Set up again

Once the GF is connected to your WiFi network it can be controlled from any PC that has an internet connection.

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The details here are a bit backward. The setup needs to be done from a device that can connect to the WiFi that the GF generates as part of its setup. The GF acts as the “hotspot”. You then connect the GF to another network that gives the GF a route to the internet. This can be your phone’s hotspot feature, though it does not have to be.

Hi I am checking in to see if @ben1’s advice was able to help you get online and print. If not, please respond to his thread and let us know and we will help see if we can troubleshoot your connection for you.

I brought in my personal laptop and was able to connect, but I am still getting a “Device Error” and setup will not complete.

Perseverance is the key!! 1000 tries later, I am finally connected and running!! thanks for the suggestions!


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