Sewforge is here

I as many others found out about the Glowforge from the guys over at
I ordered my forge a bit over 2 years ago and i was starting to sweat.
so many times I had been let down by delays but as of yesterday i am the proud owner of a Pro unit named Sewforge.
What am i going to use Sewforge for?
Well i am a total nerd so my first few prints have been a bunch of logos and cartoons.
But once i learned the interface, i have begun to work on my bushiness.
I cut my logo out of some Maple, and today i started working on a leather bustier.
i can say i am quite impressed with this but i am becoming more impatient about the air filter.
claw back.pdf (297.1 KB)
i am however wondering how to use the photo engrave features.
i am trying to get this design to go but i will have to refer to the forum. but for now i just wanted to say Hello



Nice logo!


Congrats on receiving your machine! Hope you’ll post a few pictures of your completed projects, they sound fascinating! :grinning:


Well that is a claw card from card captor. this is my logo
logo.pdf (387.5 KB)


Hello and congratulations!

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Really wishing this thing had a pause button

i still have one hour thirty to go


You could always just lift the hood. That’d pause it right-quick. :smirk: (kidding)

You know, it would be nice if they could let you do that and just show “interrupted print” press button to continue. I mean it should be easy if it already has the pass through ability

I may or may not employ this method quite frequently myself :slight_smile:


I accidentally bumped the lid a while ago

poor ein never stood a chance

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i need to improve where my exhaust is routed too, used a compressed air can whenever the smoke started to diminish print capacity…
Considering this one was done in the laziest way i could think to stress test my machine i must say 2 years are a lot more bearable now


This gave me a big smile. I’m sorry to have made you wait!

I must say that this is meeting my expectations to the letter. I am currently working on some cotton coutil and some deer skin leather and I am getting unbelievable results. though a lid lock and a pause features would be extremely beneficial


Wow! Please do share pictures, I’d love to see what that looks like.

I am terrible with progress pictures but i got all of the parts that I can blame on you accomplished.

that is a Coutil under layer/lining with a deer skin fashion fabric, the center gem was died and cut out. it is backed with a “unique” Under layer aeka.pdf (380.1 KB) center backing that when glued to the fashion layer gives a unique shadowing effect.
I have being doing a few things to test and learn the way that the glowforge behaves. here is a little thing I did on my spare time

There is my grandmother coat of arms carefully inlaid into an old chair we had. It had a basic piece in that spot that had cracked so a few measurements and I fixed the chair. although the chair was curved and proof grade material is very flat, so a chisel may or may not of been involved.


Turned out stunning! :grinning:

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Magnificent. Wow.

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Amazing work! :smile:

I am amazed by how easy it is to use this machine. I am sure glad i picked up Corel for class.

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there is my first real project with Glowforge