Sewing machine “quilting”


Turned out beautifully.


Excellent hardly covers it. How about AWESOMLY EXCELLENT!? :sunglasses:


Jealous! Nice project and amazing results. Perfect top for an amazing base.


Stunning! The wood grains are fascinating in combination with the pattern. Thanks for the process photos, too!


Thanks! I love my glowforge!




Off. The. Hook. What a wonderful design and project. I imagine this wooden quilt will be a family heirloom.

People here create so many fantastic things.


Love that!




Very nice :heart_eyes:


AWESOME! Can I ask how many pieces of each you used? This is similar to something I had in mind for a gaming / puzzle table to put in our game / puzzle room. Just curious of the dimensions.



The dimensions of the table are 17 x 36”. I think I used one piece of each veneer for the cut outs and maybe another for the connecting strips, which I cut by hand.


I’ve been dying for my husband to come home from work so I could show him this piece. We are both completely blown away! So beautiful! Great work!


Thank you so much!


What a great idea!