Shadow box lamps - on my to do list



Here’s something I’m fascinated with and can’t wait to try. I wonder if it will be necessary to figure out a “focal length” for the shadow box design? I love when art and practicality meet together as beautiful as these do.


I love it!!!, Its very nice… man now I want to do one too


That’s an interesting and attractive way of joining the sides!


The creator has several designs shown on this site: I like all of them.


I thought the same thing.
The prominence of the finger joints in boxes detract from the appearance IMO, and if you can’t hide it - accentuate it.


The effect is magical, but is it photoshopped? Or would the design really project that crisp in a room that big?


Good thought…good question


I don’t doubt that it’s possible, but I doubt that anything that bright to cast a shadow that clear will be able to last long without setting fire to the wood box.


It seems the projection is obscured by an overly dark chair piece on the right. But I also don’t see it as particularly crisp. You can see it’s projection on the couch to the left and up in the picture. So maybe my mind is just misinterpreting.


I agree that the photo may be doctored a bit, but I think the shadow on the wall is real. There are some very bright tiny white LEDs (maybe 1/10" dia or so) that will give a good sharp shadow.

I use the red and green varieties to cast 3D shadows with my “3D Shadow Lamp


I have a design similar to the tree that I was debating on what it should be used for. This is the perfect idea!


adds to list
DAN! I’m going to need more wood!


The cuts are thin enough that it certainly could project, what I would like to see is the light source. I think the photo was enhanced a bit, but I don’t think it was faked (could be wrong). Most little tea lights wouldn’t cast anywhere near enough light, and too large of a bulb and I think it would blur the projection too much.


That’s not photoshopped. They can look that “crisp”.


What would be fun is to vane the top and make the enclosure a balanced shade out of slightly thinner wood —and with an incandescent bulb it would slowly rotate.


I like it! Adds a whole new dimension to hand shadow shows of dogs, rabbits and doves etc. Has me wondering what the professional shadow players of S.E.Asia could do with that system.


What if the lampshade was balanced on a center point so it could rotate ( with just a slight touch) or move/wobble a bit. (Like a hollow pyramid on a stick) At least the point that is balancing is like the pyramid . Would make moving patterns on the wall (disco-ish effect).


Very cool!

You’ll want to find as small/bright of a light as you can find. As close to a “point source” as possible. Multi-watt LED emitters (from Cree, for instance) would probably be a good way to go.

I had a longer post written, but I see that @fan-of-glowforge’s project basically shows what you’d need to do (just use a single white LED instead (well, assuming you want to have white silhouettes)).


Awesome. This is very much in line with many ideas I have!


Reminded me if this large lasercut piece. Not sure if this has been shared before on the forum: