Shadowbox Halloween Acrylic Coasters

Hi everyone! I was motivated and inspired by the shadowbox acrylic coasters by designvh619 and made this Halloween version. I have the jpg for etching and the cut lines on a second document because I couldn’t combine them and get it to work. Please feel free to make them! (269.5 KB)


That is awesome. Thanks for the file.

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Awesome! Thank you!


These are so fun! Thanks for the share!

They are really great! You need post the picture of the LED under them lighting the moon. Very cool effect!

Wonderful thank you!

Especially love the moon. Thanks for the share! Now we can have alternating coaster sets.

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So neat!

THANK YOU! Love these

Thank you for sharing. I might get in trouble if I make any more coasters, but it will be worth it!


Hey Shelly–love the design–thank you for sharing! I tried to make these and they look great-but had a few issues and was wondering if you, or anyone else would share your wisdom. The moon did not etch out very well-which I am sure I chose the wrong ‘engrave setting’ HD/SD/Draft? which one is best? I used PG acrylic. The other thing that happened is the masking kinda just melted on top to the acrylic and left a gummy residue–so I am not sure what I am doing wrong there. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.

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This is interesting. The medium acrylic draft settings work perfect for proofgrade. But I also noticed it doesn’t look as good with other acrylic. So for me I have been playing with a little more power but I am still playing with it. Also, what works best for me is putting the acrylic in water and getting a lot of the mask off. Then I use goo gone. I hope this helps!!


Just saw this design for the first time and love it! Can I ask where you found the design for the coaster-holder box?