Shaker top for small mouth Mason jar

This is a kitchen gadget I have been needing… A simple disc laden with holes, so I can shake spices and stuff from a jar. Made the file in Illustrator today. (Not as tedious as it looks, there is a trick to place copies of shapes around a circle, but I did have to make a spreadsheet to figure out the spacing.)


Test cut in chipboard, fits the Mason jar nicely.

Cut in .060" PETG using settings I figured out earlier.


Well, my settings might need some tweaking.


(Thanks for the file, I’m saving this one :slight_smile: )



I like geometric shapes and symmetry. You made my day. To me it is a fan grill for an electronics case.

But I would like to know more about how you did it.

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Nice insert! :grinning:

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thanks for the inspiration. i can definitely see myself doing this.

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I used the Rotate tool to distribute copies of the small circle around a large circle. This article will get you going. Basically you alt-click the Rotate tool on the center of the guide circle, hit Copy, and then hit ctrl-D to repeat.

To determine the rotation angle value, I first decided on the physical spacing that looked right to me, say 4mm. Then I figured out the circumference of the guide circle and how many copies of the little circle would fit around it. The value in the Degrees/Rep column are what I entered into the Rotate tool.


The spacing of the small circles isn’t perfect but it’s good 'nuff for me.

Somewhere there is probably a much smarter, faster way to get Illustrator to fill a circle with an even radial array of other circles, but I haven’t found it yet. (I know how to do a grid of circles, but a grid isn’t right for this, it’s just not.)

Here’s the SVG. The disc is 2.653" diameter and the holes are 2.5 mm diameter with 4mm spacing.

shaker print (2.6 KB)


Thanks for the share


WoW! Thanks for sharing that.

How about some phyllotaxis action?


The algorithm behind this is straightforward and it can be scaled as needed to achieve whatever hole-to-not-hole ratio you want.



That would be an excellent solution!

Here are the SVG I used to cut the above. Both were generated by a Mathematica notebook I tossed together. The algorithm is a simulation of the pattern that seeds grow in, say, a sunflower head.



Hrm… not sure why the SVG didn’t render, but here they are zipped up. Oh, they did. Just super silly small. (110.0 KB)


That’s awesome!

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I would suggest white 1/16 to 1/8 inch Delrin.

It cleans well, lasers very cleanly and not much sticks to it.

Delrin will be my next new material, PETG was just easier to find on Amazon so I tried it first. I can also use the PETG for some other things that don’t need the closely spaced cuts, but do need to be clear.

Inkscape has a native spiral maker and you can easily run any piece of geometry (like a small circle) copied at a specific distance instead of the spiral Or you could do it with concentric circles. Autocad has similar in its measure and divide commands,

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Is it possible to zap something that screws in, or do you just use the conventional lid thing?

My plan was to use the usual ring and replace the lid as needed.

Hey guys, these are great files! I’d love to see them in the Free Laser Designs section.

These items would also be good for putting on a sink drain to catch goobers and such. Not sure what the best material would be though.